Portfolio and Testimonials missing


I did updates this morning and my widget for Portfolio and Testimonials disapear. I would like to know how could fix it. I disabeable and re enable the setting in Jetpack and it doesn’t work.

I know it’s updates that cause this problem so I would like to know if it’s possible to get the under version of this extension without doing a backup of my website pls ?


If somebody could send me the under version of the plugin Shapely Companion before their updates that will be very cool… I did only the update of theme, I just need the under version of the plugin because i can’t do a backup of my website.

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
We are looking into this problem, meanwhile, you can use this plugin

Colorlib Support Team

Hi thank’s you for your response

I download your plugin for rollback but i don’t have a older version when i click on the option ?
I suppose i missed one thing or something ?
Can you explain me how i could do that please ?


Check this links:

Thank’s for links but actually they all explain that i need to click on rollback and choose what version that i need.

But when i click on rollback for Shapely Companion, I didn’t have older version of the plugin.

You can check my screenshot (it’s just in French language)

I don’t have select option in the display of WP Rollback plugin. It’s not possible for you to send me an older version if i give you my e-mail address pls ?

How long do you think you can propose a patch to fix this problem please ?

I believe you have not seen links I sent :wink:
WordPress has built-in option to download the previous version of the theme or plugin, you just need 1-2 min to read and resolve your problem

I rode two times your links and I did the manually option and with the Rollback WP plugin but no one display your older version 1.2.1 …

I used the Rollback WP plugin but there are not select option for older version like you can see on my screenshot.
With the manually option, it’s not possible to found the older version because there is not a menu to select an older version…

How long do you think you can propose a patch to fix this problem please ?

@nono69 - please update Shapely Companion plugin to latest version (1.2.3) released today.

it fixes your issue - really sorry for the troubles caused.