portfolio dissappeared

I use Shapely and had an issue where website unicornsinthesnow.com was not working at all. I called wordpress and they said ssl certificate had expired and not been renewed and fixed problem. now all my links on homepage, which linked to shapely portfolio pages do not work. the “porfolio” button is gone as well. I tried re-adding the widget, but that did not help. All my content was built in these portfolios so almost all my work on the website is gone. is there a way to recover it. it worked fine 2.5 weeks ago and i have not edited since. Please help

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
you can get in touch with your hosting company about the back, for sure this is not possible from the theme or plugin to restore the website.
at this moment i cant see the menu on your website, also, maybe some content is as well damaged on the page, i don’t know how it was before, so can’t say too much

Colorlib Support Team