Portfolio home page image grid errors on mobile

Hi there,
I am having issues with the way my images are displaying on my portfolio homepage on mobile (it’s fine on desktop and ipad):

This is the project home page: https://doradoes.co.uk/portfolio/

The first few images display fine but after that older images kind of zoom up and cover the more recent ones so that only a fraction of the portfolio images can be seen. This is a new issue as it used to work fine.

I use the masonry setting on the project homepage with sidebar right selected. (The grid setting also looks odd on mobile so I stick with masonry). I have maximum portfolio images to display set to 90 as I thought this may be an issue but that hasn’t made a difference (I used to have it at 100)

I thought it might be a lazy loading issue but I have deactivated lazy loading on that URL and I am still having the same problems.

Can you advise?


Hi there

Looks like you are using JetPack, it optimizes images in a different way, can you please temporarily deactivate it to see the effect without this plugin?


Hi, thanks for the response.

Which part of jetpack should I be deactivating? If I deactivate the whole plugin then my portfolio section will disappear altogether (I found this out by experience) - As I understand it the portfolio option needs activating within jetpack to allow the theme to work - if this is not the case, please advise.

I do not use jet pack for lazy loading (I have a separate plug in called A3 Lazy loading)


Hi there, do you have any additional feedback on this. I am still getting issues with the portfolio home feed images not displaying correctly - I have switched off lazy loading in jetpack.