Portfolio - images

Hi there
I am getting to grips with the built in portfolio element of Shapely.

  1. Image dimensions for multiple use with the portfolio/projects section
    I am having trouble making the various portfolio elements to look good. It looks like the portfolio element heavily uses the ‘featured image’ for the preview on the home page and for the hero image within a project. What is the best image dimensions to use? at the moment I have various size/aspect ratio images and the theme doesn’t do any auto resizing in this element to get layouts to look neat.
    e.g. . . .
    ‘Our latest projects’ section of:
    Commercial Archives | MKA Architects

I’m wanting all uses to look uniform (e.g. same size for all elements of project preview on home page, same size for hero image on all project pages, same size for preview image on project types slug page etc. To neaten it all up. Given this is a responsive theme I don;t want to go old school and create all images in exactly the same dimensions presuming the CSS/JS will sort it automatically.

Thanks ; )