Portfolio Limit?

I am able to add portfolios, but the template is only limiting me to show the most recent 10 on my front page and on the portfolio page. How do I get more to show up on the homepage?

The Shapely demo site also only shows the last ten projects even though there are more projects uploaded to the demo site.

DEMO SITE: Homepage only shows the last 10 uploaded portfolio/photos

But, there are 20 portfolios uploaded to the DEMO SITE:

My own portfolio page also can only show 10. It is strange!

Hi there

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Hi, Thank you for your help. It is a public website about myself. There’s nothing too personal on my portfolio website.

I have only 10 projects so far because that is the number which the template will allow me to display publicly. If I have 11 projects, one of the projects will not show up.

I want to add more projects and for all of the projects to be able to show up on both my homepage and the portfolio page.

I think this link should work and will expire in three days:


Ok, but can you please add several portfolios to check this problem? right now its seems to be working

Thank you for looking into this.
I added two projects into the portfolio: a blue sky island and a piggy bank.
Now I should have 12 projects.
The homepage shows 10. The portfolio page also shows 10.
I think it is showing the latest 10 projects.
Is there a button I need to press when I am making the projects?
Thank you!

Hey there

Please check again, I just added portfolio type and selected it in customized, now your portfolio items are appearing :slight_smile:
Use the same method to edit your portfolio page,


This is perfect!

I did not know that the portfolio type is very important to the portfolio appearing on the page.

Thank you so much for your support and expertise!

I will add a portfolio type moving forward for all of my projects in the portfolio.