Portfolio max 10 entries... Help Please!

Hello, I just wanted to see what is the solution for the cap on the portfolio images limitation.

1.If I have below 10 all works fine but if I want for example to have just 8 (2 rows of 4) and have created 10 posts, it will show those 10 no matter what.

2.Same if I want more than 10 (example 12). It will show only 10.

-http://screencast.com/t/QMghiSTG4gT here is the snap of me changing the max cap for portfolio from 10 to 12 but still nothing… (tried disabling-saving-re enabling, still nothing)

II) Also I tried to maybe stack one portfolio widget under other but failed miserably because it just showed those 10 again. So how can I separate posts so to create two different portfolio widgets(as I will need this on other-focus pages)?

Does anyone know the fix??

PS. my website-> montenegroadventure.com

Hi @theduke,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

To remove this portfolio max cap please see the answer posted in the following topic for the similar question.


Best Regards,

Worked like a charm, just had to create the widget again and it did its job brilliantly!

Thanks man!!

Regards from Montenegro :wink:

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: