Portfolio on One Page Parallax

Hello together,

I’m looking for a Portfolio which stays on the one side.
Now a new portfolio page opens, when I click the preview image on the main page.

Is it possible to leave the portfolio on the main page.
For example:

  1. click on preview image
  2. 5-10 images appear in a grid
  3. you have to scroll for the next preview image or close the “popup” window

Do you understand my behavior?

best regards

Hi gobony

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
im so sorry to say but such functionality is not possible without customization of the theme or by third-party plugin :frowning:
Colorlib Support Team

Thank you for responding.

I saw a forum post with some codes for fixing that. But in the new version it is not working anymore.
Does anyone know a solution? I just want to keep the user on the one side.

Thanks in advance!

Hi gobony

Which forum topic? can you show me?