Portfolio Page - How do I create one?

How do I create a page like this?


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You can create it as described on the following page in the section “Setup Portfolio Section”.

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I am wondering this as well- how to add a widget to a page? Except for homepage, the pages I create do not show up in the “widget” section of customize. … I`d like to create a page just for portfolio, separate from the homepage… is this possible?

nevermind- after some tweaking, figured it out. A portfolio is automatically generated on the /portfolio slug.

Is it possible to have multiple portfolios? If so, how? I’ve tried using different project tags and types, but this doesn’t seem to be working in my install.

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Hi, I am trying to figure out how to apply widgets to pages other than the homepage. Can you (mishajanette) let me know how you did it or point to where you found the solution?


You cannot add widgets to any other page except the front page, (maybe unless they are in the footer). The portfolio page is generated automatically at /portfolio . So basically you can have a top page, portfolio, blog and pages but you can’t put in widgets like the top page. The shapely theme is a one page theme, which means the top page is fancy while inside it’s totally clean. I use this theme for my photo portfolio so it’s all I need-