Portfolio page solutions?

I’m looking for some portfolio page solutions to consider to use with my site, which is on the Shapely template.

I’m a creative and most of my projects have a professional copywriting element as I work with a lot of global brands, so I like to present a couple of visuals and small details around each project.

Currently I’m using the Portfolio Manager (Adobe) add-on as I do have my projects sitting on Adobe’s Portfolio Manager, but I just don’t like the interface and presentation of it once it’s pulled onto my Shapely template site.

Are there any other portfolio solutions people and admins here are using or could recommend?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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First of all our theme already have a portfolio, you can see it on our demo website here:
https://colorlib.com/shapely/ this is how our theme and portfolio works, if you have an example of how exactly you want your site i can provide better feedback

Thanks for clarifying. The problem with the internal solution for me is that the images on the project page itself are far too small and I’m not able to widen them.

I’m a writer/copywriter and for example, if I take a screen grab of an article I’ve written for a global brand, I’m not able to display the full visual of the article in a way that it’s readable to a visitor. Is there a way to increase the size? Or is there a way that the images can be made clickable so that they fly out and are larger when clicked on or hovered over?

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“Is there a way to increase the size?” - Well, maybe i can help you but you have to show me mockup or screenshot of how exactly you want it, it this is easy to achieve with small css changes i will help you :slight_smile: i just need to know how do you see your final result of the single portfolio page, also, please include link to the portfolio example

For being able to read to the end user, I need to be able to display a lot of my work large. For instance like here. These are just full size screen grabs in jpg or png formats where I’m able to display the full articles and product pages I’ve written the copy for and for viewers to see.

I see that this person on a Shapely template is showing a project main image that’s about 1200px wide that’s resized to about 730px: https://micmedia.co.uk/portfolio/international-womens-day-march/. The example image above that I have is 1400px wide. I guess I’m looking for a consistent width to be able to use and how to implement on this Shapely project template, but something that would at the same time be wide enough to allow the article screen grabs to be readable and without breaking my site.

I appreciate all the help and clarifications, you guys have been great!

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Sorry but I don’t think this is possible with current tools we have in the theme (i mean jetpack plugin) projects are totally controlled by the jetpack plugin…
I’m thinking about one thing, if we hide featured image inside the post then you can insert images in the content at the top, they will be in any size you wish