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Is it possible to remove the top section of these pages? Once clicked on a portfolio page I want to go straight to the body of the text. Not see the featured image and not see the top tile/banner.

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Can’t help you on scrolling function but can help you to hide part of the space on the page, please provide a link to the page and tell me which part of the page you would like to hide
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This is the site: https://garethlang.co.uk/

I want to remove the grey box with the title in it and the featured image from every portfolio page.



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To remove those two sections on the main portfolio pages use this CSS:

body.single.single-jetpack-portfolio div.header-callout{

body.single.single-jetpack-portfolio .post-content .entry-header{

Add it to appearance \ customize - additional css.
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Thank you! That’s worked great!

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