portfolio setup

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How do I manage to set up my portfolio section like on the demo site?
(only image shown, darken on hoover and show title etc.?)

In which .php does the portfolio content load? I can´t find the archive to make some changes.

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Ok I found out that this visualization is made by the widget you can only put on the home-parallax-page.
can I put the widget also on the portfolio page? Or do I configure that page separately with jetpack?



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You can add your own custom CSS to the theme by going to Appearance > Additional CSS and adding it there.
Have a look at this link to help you:

You can also go to Appearance > Editor and ad classes to the PHP theme files there but please use a child theme to contain those changes.

Here is a plugin that will allow you to make a child theme easily:

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I use a child theme and I add CSS on the style.css and the style customizer.
My problem is that the portfolio content php (and the widget phps) aren’t inside the child theme folders anymore, but in the plugin folders.
And I think I can’t modify things there without doing a copy of some kind, right?


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With the configurator, you’ll need to import those files that are in your plugins folder to your child theme folder.

So basically what you’ll need to do is go back to Tools > Child Themes > Files, then look for the template files that are there under Parent Templates, and import those from within the plugin.

That’ll basically connect the files in the plugin folder to the child theme, and you’ll be free to customize as you wish, with no need to worry about the files in the plugin folder (That’s JetPack’s work)

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Thanks a lot, I think that is what I was looking for.

But now the problem is that I don’t have “child themes” in my tools menu. What can I do?


OK got it, I needed the child theme plugin.
I’ll let you know if it worked in a while :slight_smile:
thanks so much!!

It didn’t change anything unfortunately. Because in the plugin I can still only see the archives that are IN my shapely folder (same as in FileZilla) but the files I want to modify are in the widget folder which is outside the shapely folder.
So I still can’t modify anything I wanted.
Any idea?

Thanks a lot!

Hey again,

For if my question is not clear, I’ll add some further information:

The php I want to change is this one:

I want to add a class to the portfolio titles and images.

As I assume from older posts like this one ( https://colorlibsupport.com/t/change-widget-id/ ), earlier the widgets phps where inside the shapely folder but now they’re in the plugin folder. This is why I don’t know how to modify them.

I hope that makes it clear. Sorry, I’m not a pro coder yet :slight_smile: I hope you can give me some more advice.