Portfolio warning and project type layout change after shapely update


I just recently updated my shapely theme and the portfolio page (see screenshot 1) now has implode warnings on all my projects. What does this mean?

I’ve used project types as another menu to show my projects within one field, and those have all changed as well. They used to be listed, similar to blog posts, with a photo and title, and then the next one. However, now they just all come underneath each other showing all the photos. (see screenshot 2. )

Does anyone know what these are or how to fix them? I’m blank. Please help!


  1. For implode error can you check this, https://colorlibsupport.com/t/version-1-1-2-invalid-argument-problem/
  2. For the second issue, can you share the website link so that I can check what’s going wrong?

Let us know,