Portfolio Widget Missing

I followed the tutorial video closely and have done everything suggested but for whatever reason I cannot seem to get the Portfolio Widget to show up at all.

Please help!

Same issue just today following helper update. No portfolio widget.

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I just updated my Shapely theme today from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 and now my Portfolio and Testimonial Widgets have gone missing. Yesterday before upgrading they were working 100%. How do I fix this? it is affecting my live site.

I’ve restored from backup and taken my site back to version 1.2.1 and its all working fine again. please guys do some testing before you release themes!! It wastes my time unnecessarily.

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Please go to Jetpack > Settings > Custom Content Types and enable the Testimonials and Portfolio content types.

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That’s not the issue (already tried that). I see from another post that it is because my server is not running PHP v 7 or greater. My server is using php v5.6.30.

Unfortunately for me, and I daresay others too, it not as simple as just upgrading to php 7 as this affect multiple other sites and databases. I rely on WHM and it is currently configured to use v5. So I think there should be a warning on the Theme release which says only upgrade if you have Php 7 or greater. It’s not a simple matter of just automatically upgrading the theme and continuing as before.

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Could you send me the under version of the plugin please, I’m in a situation that it’s not possible for me to do a backup and I have to get a website works for tomorrow. Could you send me this version before their updates please ?

I’ve copied the old directory for the theme plugin helper back over the top of the new one and all is fine again.


Hello hangover, could you explain precively the process and where i can found the older directory please ?

Hi nono69. If you have a backup of the previous site files then just copy your backup of folder
over the top of the update

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Guys you can use this plugin for an older version of the theme or plugin: