Portfolio widget not shown


I want to add a portfolio widget in my homepage to show some pictures, but as I added different projects in my portfolio, it still doesn’t show in homepage (the widget turns grey when I checked it in customize) I have chosen the category which it should display but it doesn’t work.

The other is, when I choose my featured image in projects, it shows in the beginning of each project, but I want it to be removed because I mainly post pictures but not texts. Is it available to remove the featured image showing in the post?


  1. Which widget you’re talking about? Our Portfolio widget “[Shapely] Porfolio for Home Widget Section” don’t have any category options, http://take.ms/aZK8eR

  2. Please go to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS, and add this Custom CSS,

/* Disable featured image in portfolio */
.single-jetpack-portfolio .post-content .entry-header

Let us know,


Hello, I already solved the first question, I wanted to say ‘tag’ but I expressed wrong.

I added your CSS code but nothing happens… but I edited with ‘display; none’ then it gets solved. Thanks!


Sorry I missed the display none part. Great you sorted out. :slight_smile: Glad we helped. :slight_smile:

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