Portfolio width and alignment?

Is there a way to adjust the portofolio alignment and width?

It seems like it is left justified and just keeps filling up to the edge of the page. I like that it re-organizes based on the width of the browser window, but is there a way to make sure it is centered even if there are only 3 or 4 items? And add a left/right margin?

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You can achieve this by developing custom CSS code as shared in the following topics.


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Hi Movin,

Thanks for your reply. I still cannot figure out how to center the portfolio. I tried a variety of the CSS blocks that you linked to, but haven’t figured out how to get my portfolio off the left edge of the browser.

See attached screen shot.

It doesn’t seem like my portfolio is resizing the photos appropriately, or not adding space between them. When I look at other sites, or the demo, it feels like the portfolio automatically fills out to the edges of the page, even if there are only 3 items – by expanding the photo size or adding more black space between.

Mine is not doing this, they are all flush left.

hmmm… actually it seems to have worked using this snippet from links you sent:

.shapely_home_portfolio .col-md-3.masonry-item.project {
width: 33%;
position: static !Important;
padding: 20px;

thanks Movin!

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