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I have six portfolio projects that I’d like to display on my site. It looks weird right now since there’s four projects in the first row and two in the second row. How can I create two rows of three columns? Meaning, three up top, three on bottom?
Site: blank-paper.com

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Can i take a closer look? please send me your access credentials and I will investigate this case. Don’t forget to mark your reply as private!

Colorlib Support Team

Ok, my user is aydelcid
email: [email protected]
pass: Designblog1992!

Thanks again

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Please check your homepage and let me know if its ok for you :slight_smile:
this is the code i used in additional css:

@media (min-width: 992px){
.projects .col-md-3 {
width: 25%;
width: 33.33%;