Portofolio image do not show


i have some problem. i try to make portofolio but the image for featured image and image for the article didn’t showing. and the image didn’t show too in main page .
portofolio : https://jookeh.com/portfolio/logo-branding-depok-city/
main page : jookeh.com ( see the bottom part )

can you help me fix this? thanks

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Do the images appear when you view the website while logged into WordPress?

Please try using the following plugin to clear your browser cache:

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“Do the images appear when you view the website while logged into WordPress?”
no, but i post something in past https://jookeh.com/2017/07/14/judulll/ and image appear in this page.

i’ve installed wp cache,so what do i do ?


i’ve solved issue, maybe because i upload a big image
the image didn’t appear when i use 400kb image. it appear when i use 150kb
it happen in the article section too.
i keep using small image for main page but however i need to post a big image(not really big, it just 200-700kb) for portfolio pages, do you have any suggestion ?


Hi Jookeh,

It is just strange, we’re using default WordPress’s get_the_post_thumbnail to show the featured image for the portfolio. I tried to view the URL’s you shared, but all shows the featured image, can you show a portfolio that has this issue? so that I can check what I can do.

Make sure your hosting has PHP’s GD library, it is requirement for image related operations by WordPress, in case doubt, ask your hosting support about this.

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this page https://jookeh.com/portfolio/logo-branding-depok-city/ actually have 5 picture in the article. but only 1 appear. check it


Can you also share the username, password for the site, so that we can login and check what is going wrong? I didn’t even see any picture in the URL you shared.

Screenshot: http://take.ms/Zh6j7

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