Portum doesn't work on mobile

Hello there,

I recently installed the beautiful portum-theme, but unfortunately it doesn’t work on mobile devices :frowning: no theme visible. What can I do to make it work? Website is www.gondlach.de

Thanks in advance!


Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

The theme appears when I tested it, what kind of device are you using?

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Uh, interesting. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy, running on the latest Android version, Chrome browser. Checked another browser (CM Browser and the standard pre-installed Internet browser) and it doesn’t work on those either :frowning:

Thanks for your quick reply anyway! What next?


Hello Kai

Can you tell me what exactly is the problem? see something you might not like but clarification would b better from you, also, please include screenshot from your device

Hey, please find 3 screenshots from my mobile device. Meanwhile I asked some friends to check it and they see the same :frowning:

Cheers, Kai

Good evening

You are using jetpack mobile theme on your website, this feature from the plugin will override theme responsiveness
Have you tried our demo?
Once again, its necessary to provide url to the website,

Hi, thank you so much!!
Just deactivated the Jetpack plugin and now it works.
The next challenge popped up as well but I think I can figure that out… the font size is too large for my mobile screen, but that’s something I should be able to fix.

Again: thanks a bunch.
Cheers, Kai


Ok, in this case i will close this case