Possible to make a thin header that scrolls?

Hi folks - I asked this within another thread but realised I need to make it separate. I’m trying to make a header menu bar that stays as I scroll; I’ve got it to work up to a point, but I can’t seem to make it thinner. (The site is wicked-solutions.com) The padding is already set to 0 and I’m not much of a coder. The mix of code (taken from posts on this forum) I have so far for the header is:

body #header .bottom-header {
padding-top: 175px;

#header .top-header{
position: fixed;
z-index: 99;
top: 0;
left: 0;

#header .top-header {
position: fixed;
background: #1e73be;
padding: 0px;

#header .top-header .header-navigation ul li a {
color: #ffffff;

So, ideally I’d have a thin menu bar (with or without the logo, I don’t mind) that is just thicker than the text of the pages.


Andy (: