Post customization issues


First, thanks for the awesome theme. I have a few issues with customization. I’m a total newbie, so bear with me :). My site is not launched yet, but I can send you the login if you need it.

Here are the issues that I’m encountering:

  1. Post header issue. If I click on the post, I get one display (see image Post Header-1), if I click on the Category, I get a different look (see image Post Header-2). I’d like the header to be the same in both cases. I like the look of Post Header-1, but it would be great if it could appear as “CATEGORY | SUBCATEGORY”
  2. Post category header text cutoff. On the main page, the post category header gets cutoff. Is there a way to have this display “CATEGORY | SUBCATEGORY”? See screenshot below.
  3. Post detail customization. I’d like this to appear in the following fashion “Month Day, year | Author | Comments”. Is this possible? Can the font size be made smaller?
  4. Image captions. Currently, the image captions appear in regular text size and font style. How can I make these smaller and have them be centered on the image? They appear correctly in the WP editor, but not when published.

Thanks so much for the help in advance.

Hi there

Thank you for the question, please always include a link to the page in the question and i will check it :slight_smile:


The site is I have it set as ‘Under construction’ now. Here is the login info:
User: dconache

Thanks so much for the quick reply!


I am following up on this. I dug through the forums and tried various snippets of code, but I am so new at this that I haven’t had much success. My website is live now: .

I am still trying to do the following:
-Category name display at the top. When I click on the category, I see the 'Category Header-1" display (large font with the green line below). When I’m within the post, I see the 'Category Header-2" (small font with top and bottom gray lines). I much prefer the small font with top and bottom gray lines. Is there a way to have the category name display in this fashion when I’m in the category?
-Post details. Right now, I see “Posted on (date) by (name)”. Is there a way to make this read “Date | Author | Comments”?
-Font customization:

  1. I’d like the category header and the side bar headers to match in size. I’d also like to change the font, and font style. See Font Customization-1 photo.
  2. Can the “Recent Posts” and “Categories” text match the rest of the body text? See Font Customization-2 photo.
  3. Finally, how do I change the body font? Do I need to have the font pre-loaded?

Thanks so much in advance!


Regarding your problem nr. 2 from your mainpost, i had the same issue and created a little tutorial to show all categories on the mainpage from every single post.

hope it will help you: Activello Theme - show all categories - Secure77


Thank you for this, Secure 77!! Much appreciated!