post-date/time: %d/%m/%y

I have a question. I just noticed that the information for the current post-date/time shows like this on my site: %d/%m/%y or %A %B %e%q, %Y, depending on the language.

I found the function thats producing it: sparkling_posted_on(). Could you please help me to correct this?

What language do you use?

This function takes information from Settings - General and language you are using and this function is not modified by me, it is default WordPress function. Have you tried to make any changes via Settings - General?

Then I guess the qtranslate plugin is cousing this. I changed the date and time settings via Settings > General. After that I noticed this. I will look further to see if this is an issue with qtranslate.

Thanks for your reply.

[UPDATE - I googled for this issue and its clear that its an issue with qtranslate]