Post in front page thank links outside website for Pinbin theme

Hello Aigars,

Is there a way to post a link to an outside website without creating a new post? Right now, my homepage is showing all of my post (great!), but I also want to post an additional link that is not connected to my site.

If that is not possible, can an URL link in the body of a post be active when it’s showing up on the homepage?


If you will put a URL inside post body it will strip your URL out of it because that’s how WordPress excerpt works.

However, there are other options:

  • You can place a link in the footer.php file or inside Widgets are by using Text Widget.
  • You can use plugin like Page Links To ( and create post that will look exactly like any other post but it will link directy to any resource you specify.

Just be creative


The Page Links plugin worked perfect! Thank you.