Post styling on front page

Hello. I am really digging this theme, but I am having a problem with post styling on my front page (which is set to show current posts). First, I have set the heading color to green, but the posts titles are still dark grey. Second, the excerpt text will not show bold where I have indicated, and the return spacing will not appear. I would like to draw attention to the first line of text when the post falls under my defined category of “Events”. When you click the “continue reading” button and are directed to the post, the styling displays there just fine. My site is

  1. This is expected behavior and blog titles doesn’t fall under heading category to create clean and consistent design.

Of course you can change this by adding this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.entry-title a {
    color: #393;
  1. This is how WordPress excerpts work. Any formatting, html or any other non-text content gets removed from it. Only option here is to tweak what text is displayed in excerpts and you can do it by adding text manually in Excerpt field which you can find below post edit screen. It will still remove any formatting but at least you can control what text is displayed.