Post title in the header image for a SINGLE post

I’ve tried asking this in another post but let’s try it here:
I’d like to remove the title in the header post of a single post.
In the other topic they have found this code to delete the header from every single page of the site, but I would like to know if someone could help me do the same thing to a single post.

/*Header text removal*/
#header .bottom-header h1 {
    display: none;

I’ve tried implementing an if is page, but it doesn’t work.

Thank you all so much

Hello Robico,

I hope you are doing well today.

In order to do this for a single post you will have to locate the post id and add it to the CSS code provided before. So it would look like this:

/*Single post header text removal*/
.postid-123 #header .bottom-header h1 {
    display: none;

Please have a look at the following link for more information:

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