Posts not showing on home page and other pages after updating to 2.3.5

Hi there,

After updating to ver. 2.3.5, I noticed all my posts are not displayed on the home page and subsequent pages (older posts) but the posts are still intact when accessed directly. I am using a child theme.

I have cleared my browser cache as well as the host cache but issue remains. Switching to parent theme will display the posts correctly on home page. I will reveal the url in private in my next reply for you to have a look.

Many thanks in advance.

the url is

Appreciate your help.

Hi there,

I seem to have resolved the issue by copying index.php of parent’s theme to child theme which had an older index.php.

May I check if I only have changes to my header.php and basically no changes to index.php and footer.php then these two files should not be in my child’s theme so that it will inherit from parent’s theme whenever there’s an update?

For my header.php, I just need to take latest header.php from parent theme and update the necessary and put it into the child theme’s folder.

May I know if my understanding is correct? Many thanks.

Hi @gambit,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Yes your understanding is correct.

You should only add the template files in your child theme that you want to change so that it will inherit not added files from parent’s theme whenever there’s an update.

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Hi Movin,

Many thanks for your confirmation, have a good week.

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: