Pre-built demo content and how to paste shortcodes inside the front page

dear support team,
I’ve loaded your demo content but it’s not clear how and where to paste a shortcode in order to show a Paypal form by using this quick Paypal payments plugin: Quick Paypal Payments – Plugin WordPress | Italia
I tried many ways but in the most of the cases I’ve broken the demo content layout.

Could you please tell me the exact process to show actve that short code in a good way into the front page ?

Thanks very much

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

We would not be able to troubleshoot third party plugins but with shortcodes, you simply need to paste the shortcode into a post or page and it should work. Apparently, the shortcode for this plugin is [qpp] so you need to paste that into a new page to test it however you may need to check the plugin settings to ensure it is configured correctly.

I hope this helps.

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