Preferred image sizes for featured and jumbotron?

Whatever I do, the image gets cropped, sometimes enlarged to the point of being pixelated. What are the preferred image sizes for:

  • page featured image
  • post featured image
  • jumbotron

Hi @mraak3

I need to see it, please always include direct link to the problem


Sorry, here:

The featured image for a page:

The images for jumbotron on the front page

What are the preferred image sizes for these two areas?


Sorry, but your website is unavailable, it’s not loading at all, are you aware?

It loads now, yes I was aware.

Hi @mraak3

Which images are cropped or enlarged? Do they seem to be very good for me?
The visible aspect ratio of the header is 1673*573 so you can use this aspect ratio to resize your images