Preloader and blog settings

Hi there,

Firrst of all thank you for your amazing job about integration and design on, your templates are awesome !

I’ve seen you doing a great supporting job too and I got three questions for you :

  • How can I allow the preloader on my main page only ?
  • How can I change the blog header title ?
  • How can I translate the “Read More” button from the blog sections (here in french) ?

I’m not great at coding and turning around for hours to find it out, so your help is very welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys !

Hello Aurelien,

Thank you very much for all the kind words!

To disable the preloader on all pages except the homepage you should use this CSS code:

display: none;
.home .pace,
.home .pace-overlay{
display: block;
.home .pace.pace-inactive{
display: none;

To deal with the blog page title, you should first remove the blog page from Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Posts Page and then just go to Pages > Blog page and select the blog page template from the right Page Attributes panel. Now the name of the page will reflect in the header.

To change the homepage blog section read more text please head over to the theme files on the server > sections > front-page-latest-news.php > line 77.
To change the blog listing page read more text head over to the same theme files > template-parts > content.php > line 20

Let me know if you got everything alright.


Working perfectly, thank you very much for your quick answer Ion !

That’s great news, always glad to help.

Enjoy the end of week!