Previous Colorlib License Issues

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I purchased a lifetime license last year for 99 dollars and I’ve had some issues regarding this. I understand that terms changed and that there was an error, making my previous license last for one year rather than lifetime. However, when I bought that license, accounts on this website did not exist. Additionally, I made that purchase nearing the end of August in 2020. Even if the license duration changed to one year, shouldn’t I still be able to have access to it since one year has not passed? Currently I cannot access that license because of the fact that accounts did not exist when I received the subscription.

For further proof of my license, I sent an email to Colorlib with invoice sent to me last year and have not received a response yet. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Wow, I’m happy to hear that someone else is having the same issue and it’s not just me. I’m definitely not happy, because it seems like I’m being cheated out of my money. I’m also assuming others who have bought this same license are experiencing the same issues, which is absolutely disgraceful, especially since I (and it sounds like you haven’t either) have not heard anything back from Colorlib. What happened to having standards for customer service? Why was there no alert or notification when the plan was changed? Completely unprofessional in my opinion.

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Hi there

So sorry about that, changes affected all accounts and we were forced to keep the business :frowning:

Good morning,

Like I previously said, I completely understand that changes applied to all accounts. However, you guys promised that the lifetime license from last year for 99 dollars would be changed to a one year license as that was the mistake made. As I previously stated, I have no problems with the change in duration as long as I am able to use the full year, otherwise I feel cheated out of my money like pinkyfluffyunicorns said. I bought the license in August of 2020, so even if it was supposedly only a 1 year license, I should rightfully have 1 month left, which is why I’m asking for access to templates for at least the one month remaining.


I understand, your complaint is true, however, we failed to send updates to every customer, we apologize for this, at this moment this is what it is, you may send your complaint to the contact form of this website