Primary Menu and no wrapping

Is there a way to have the items in the primary menu (top horizontal) to not wrap the text. My menu items have dates in them so they can be a little long.

The theme I am using is Travelify Version: 2.2.0 and my website is


Add this to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS and change pixel width if you add even longer menu items.

#main-nav ul li ul {
    width: 310px;

Thank you it worked great! I just sent in a request for a possible custom website.

Currently I don’t offer custom web development of any kind. Colorlib is already taking too much of my time and I can’t handle client projects right now. Maybe it will change over the time but right now I can’t offer you any services.

Since you asked for theme to replace one you are using on Drupal I strongly recommend to look into our theme collections for free & premium themes.

If you have some specific requirements I can con up with some suggestions.