Primary Menu not clickable on mobile

I have set my primary menu to direct to four separate pages on the website. The mobile version creates a ‘more’ button (the three horizontal lines), but when I click on it, the address it takes me to is, and the page infinitely loads, never displaying my actual menu options.

Help would be much appreciated!

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Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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Hello, and thank you so much for responding quickly! I have determined that my windows 10 Nextbook in tablet mode displays the menu correctly when clicking the “more” button, but Chrome for android on my Samsung S4 does not show the menu and instead does as mentioned in my initial post, if that information helps at all.

Here is my site:

Thank you again!

Same problem here!

Any updates or more information on this, please? Others trying to view my site from Chrome on mobile are all having the same issue.

Try install plugin to solve this

Which plugin??