Problem after update do 2.3.5


I just upgraded the Sparkling theme to version 2.3.5 and see the same issue with the dropdown menu.
The menu carets are positioned in the wrong place and so is the dropdown menu.

Where did you find the previous version of Sparkling or did you take it from the backup.

I had it on my drive. Here is the link in case someone needs downgrade: Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way!

Thanks so much.

No problem, I hope that they resolve this problem with some update/fix or something… cause what will happen if we will be up to upgrade our Wordpresses? then finally theme won’t be compatible.


I have the same case after theme update to 2.3.5, header menu is bigger and website name text is not in the same level with menu links.

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Here’s a plugin you can use to rollback themes and plugins until the the issue has been resolved.

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I installed the WP Rollback plugin and I wasn’t seeing anything about Rolling back to the previous theme. Rollback isn’t there on the theme page. JUST GREAT! I regret upgrading. The only issue I’m noticing is on mobile, the drop down menu is a hot mess. Too much space in between each page on the drop down menu. And I can’t figure out how to change the hover color to where it USED to be and I know CSS but this theme is complicated trying to figure out what coding I need to achieve the color hover change on the mobile drop down menu. I’m using Chrome, and I right click and click on Inspect and I’ve tried using the coding I see within my custom CSS and nothing is working. I swear I always great upgrading. I’ve been using this theme for years.

The issue is resolved in the latest theme version.

Just make sure to clear your browser cache to use latest style sheet.

This is my feedback about 2.3.5 theme update.

For me 2.3.5 is still not working well. It is not woking with uTubevideo Gallery plugin.This page is empty with 2.3.5, at the moment i am using 2.3.2 and videos are working like they should.

Also translation not working now even with 2.3.2, i where using Real-Time Find and Replace for older and newer post paging translation.

This is sparkling forum post about older and newer posts text change

Maybe it is only for my page that way and i have some other errors, but 2.3.2 works better for me. I still love sparkling theme alot! :slight_smile:

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@Marko I can see you are using WP Fastest Cache on your site so after updating the theme please make sure to clear cache from WP Fastest Cache.

Cache is cleared from wp fastest upside bar menu, i have cleared it many-many times with 2.3.5 and video plugin does not work. Also cleared all history from browser and and tested it with other pc as well. It is not from the chache, like i see it. I put 4 time 2.3.5 back and i see that bj lazy load does not cooperate this update as well. Right now it is with 2.3.5 update and it is possible to check my site Hingetee now even without post pictures. Is sparkling theme 2.3.5 works ok?

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I would not like to hold website up with no visible pictures, so i disabled bj lazy load plugin at the moment and pictures are back, so no video at this moment: and 2.3.5 theme used. Cache is defanetly cleared.

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Please temporary disable WP Fastest Cache on your site so that i can troubleshoot the issue.

WP Fastest Cache is disabled.

Hello, how are you?
I have a similar problem.
My site works normally, but wp-admin does not work, it’s all broken and I can not even install a new plugin or theme.
I already disabled the cache plugin but I did not succeed.
What did we want to do?
Thank you!

These are the errors that appear.

My site at still has mobile drop down menu with too much extra space. One screenshot is of how the drop down menu looks on the main site page and the other is on the page which doesn’t have the Sparkling theme but this is how my drop down menu looked on my WordPress website. How do I get it back? I need new CSS coding to add in my additional CSS to correct it. I want less spacing and make it identical to my site’s photo gallery drop down top menu.

I’ve already cleared my cache plugin on my website and my laptop several times. The new 2.3.5 updated theme made the extra large spacing within the drop down menu. It wasn’t nlije that before and I didn’t make this happen.

Any info when the fix to issue I posted will be available?

@marxveix The cache is till enabled on your site.

I have the same case after theme update to 2.3.5, header menu is bigger and website name text is not in the same level with menu links.

I can see it is working fine on your site as shown in the attached screenshot.

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