Problem changing the info in "entry" in different sections

When I try to change the info I’ve written at the “Entry” part of different sections, it’s just blank and nothing happens when I try to erase and write something new. What could be the problem and how do I solve it?

Have you tried posting it temporarily?
Perhaps it’s just not showing in the preview.

I can’t even mark the text that I’ve written in the entry earlier, so if I try to change the text or something there’s no change and nothing to save. It’s like that for every part of the sections that demand the part where you can choose to use HTML instead, I can adjust all the other fields? Is there any possibility to change those texts without the preview on?

Don’t know sorry, I use Shapely not Illdy.
Tried installing Illdy to check for you but it’s not working on my site. I can’t access the customize section.

Good luck though, I’m sure the Colorlib people will respond soon enough.