Problem: Don't show Post Title - post titles for Sparkling are not working

I have some old posts in my blog, they appear normal: title, post etc.
New posts made after install Sparkling theme don’t show Title (see screenshot 1).
Single post appear normaly (see screenshot 2).

What can I do?

Please post your website URL and I will look what is going on. This is the first something like this have been reported but this theme is used by tens of thousands of webmasters, so it must be some local issue.

If you are developing your website locally, try to disable all plugins to see if does anything.

I deactived all plugins.
Web-site is
Thank you.

You have set post format to “aside” and this post format comes without title. Make sure to use default post format to display post titles.

You can change post formats via this widget that you can see when editing that post:

Sparkling theme post formats

Oh, Thank you very much! It’s works! You saved me. Thank you for support and the theme - it’s beautiful!