Problem in mobile navigation menu


I have found a malfunction for specific pages in the mobile responsive navigation menu of my website, while everything works good in pc version. When clicking in the mobile navigation menu in an article category with no articles (e.g. sub-menu: “Άρθρα->Θέρμανση”), then the navigation menu stops responding and not working. Same problem occurs with BuddyPress pages (Members Directory, Members Profile), in my website this page is named “Μηχανικοί”. So, when opening the website, in the mobile version, for the first time and clicking one of those pages, after redirecting there the navigation menu stops responding.

Is something that I am doing wrong. Is this a problem that I can easily fix?

Thank you in advance!


I found out the solution. The malfunction occurred by a plugin Simple User Profile. So when deactivating the plugin, the mobile navigation menu works fine. Any ideas on a similar plugin to customize user profile fields?

Thank you

Sorry for late response but good that you already figured it out.

Maybe you want to drop backend entirely and allow users to access only frontend. Something that this plugin offers. It allows to use custom fields for user profiles.

I haven’t tested it with my themes but I think that it should work just fine as it affects WordPress core function and not theme related things.

Hi Aigars,

Thank you for the reply. After your comment, I think is indeed better to allow users to access just the frontend, but I already use Buddypress, so I will need plugins that are compatible with it. For the moment I am looking for login function from the frontend (dropdown or Ajax but not from widget area) and frontend editable bio and social links fields for author box for posts. Any ideas/recommendations would be really helpful.

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