Problem of alignment on homepage

the paralax widgets that contain images disalign and align randomly on the homepage when resizing the window, whatever browser is used.
See pics.
Did someone faced the same problem?
thanks a lot,

Hi there

Please provide direct link to this page, let me check it

Hi, thanks for your reply, here it is:
one time out of 2 it works or not at each refresh…
thanks :),

Hi there

Add this css code in the Appearance > Customize > Additionall css:

#shapely_home_parallax-4 {
background: #fff;

thanks a lot for your attention and code, however. I must say it is worst (from 1/2 to 1/1 !)
if you had other ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.
thanks again,

Hi Julien

Hm, may I know why it’s worst?
Also, as I can see it’s already fixed?

Hi Thanks again for your message.
I removed the code because the problem of alignment was appearing each time in the display of the page Vs one time out of two after a reload of the page when it is removed.
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Julien

Can you please choose a bigger image in the parallax instead of this?

image must be bigger than 2200px in width

Thanks again for your support.
With a bigger image, (2500px width) it still does it once out of 2 times when reload on chrome. On Safari, it desaligns all the time hiding the title of the block (white font on white background due to the image displaced)
With or without the complementary css code provided.
thank you for your help,


Sorry, i just tried it and it’s fixed for me? which browser you are using?

Hi, I am using chrome, where it seems fixed now, and Safari desktop where it still happens… but not a big deal, thanks a lot,

Thank you too and let me know if anything is required from our side