Problem with Adsense in Newspaper X

Good morning, for a week now I’m struggling with the adsense ads on the web: but I can not, they do not load, I think I’ve done everything that adsense recommends and your forum does not I know that more do, I put in “head” what corresponds, and pasted as recommended in the section of “Banners” but still not seen. Can you recommend an alternative?
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Adsense can be a bit of work to setup however there are a few guides that explain exactly what needs to be done. Please have a look at the following:

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Having same issue and only with “Newspaper X” Theme. Adsense code works fine with any other theme.
In Newspaper X theme it only shows the word “Loading”.

Any advise?


solved from my side.

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I am glad that your issue was resolved.
If you used a different solution from the one above, feel free to post it here.

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