Problem with child theme of Shapely

Hi, Shapely is a great theme and I’ve used it for a while, but I haven’t installed recently on any new site until yesterday. I made a child theme (coz I know I’ll end up adding custom CSS etc), but I lost the Raleway font on the header page. I can easily remedy this with CSS, but that makes me wonder whether anything else has been lost in creating the child. Do you have specific advice on how to best create a child them from Shapely? Many thanks.

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Well, usually it works by default, without any problem, may I take a look at your site?

By the way, if you want to use the child theme just for custom CSS maybe its a better idea to use the parent theme and Appearance > customize > additional CSS for this? a child theme is necessary when you want to modify functions of the theme, not the style

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Many thanks, Noda. I’ve now got around the problem by using a different method to create the child theme. This time via the plugin Child Theme Configurator. And there were no problems this time. Yeah, I probably could manage with the main theme: I add CSS and home-made plugins to insert new widget types on the front page, but I don’t normally tamper with the functions.php file. But I feel less nervous if I’m working on child theme.

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Thank you for the update, Beemer,
Ok, sounds good, but from my practice adding just one more “moving part” in the system when its not really necessary its not recommended, so, it’s up to you :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem with the MONDY Theme. Can someone help me? Thanks

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MONDY ? can you show me which theme is this? we don’t have such a WordPress theme :slight_smile:

Mondy is in the COLORLIB

hi Bmiller

Yes, its not a WordPress theme, you cant install it in WordPress since its HTML template