Problem with display when logged in and logged out?

Hey guys. So as you can see from these two pics.

One view is when i’m logged in as Admin.

I uploaded my site from localhost to server tonight so I guess something has got crossed somewhere. Any help where to look would be great!



Figured it out.

When in localhost I never ‘Previewed’ my content from a logged out perspective. After reading this

And this bit in particular.

    To avoid injecting default information as live content, the demo content only serves as guideline to set up your own widgets information.

    All the demo content needs to be re-saved/modified/custom/replaced and re-saved to appear on the website while not logged in the Dashboard.

    Replacing the missing content with new one will regenerate it on the live website.

It now makes perfect sense.

Thanks Guys!

Hi @garfoid,

I am glad that you solved it at the end.