Problem with h1 header

Hello, thanks for the great sparkling theme. I have the following problem on one of my sites.

I disabled the “normal” h1 header with this custom css

.page .page-header {
  display: none;

Now if have two problems

  1. The space above the h1 header “Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld” is to big

  2. I have two h1 headers in the html code

		<h1 class="entry-title">Berlin-Schönefeld</h1>
	</header><!-- .entry-header -->

	<div class="entry-content">
		<h1>Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld</h1>

How can i remove the space and the second h1 header from the code?

Best regards

Hey there,
Hope you’re doing well today

Could you provide me with a link to your site so that I may have a closer look at what’s happening from your end and provide you with some working CSS?

I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

Best Regards,