problem with header's image in mobile versione.

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I’m new and I’ve already opened more discussions.
I have another question.
Because in my site I put a header image of a gif and does not appear on the mobile version, but does the default image of the theme appear to me?

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Gifs are animated images so they usually do not work on mobile unless they are used in special ways but this is a slide show so it was not made to work with gif images.

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Thanks for your help.
Now this question comes to me spontaneously. How can I change the image for mobile only and keep the gif for web version?

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Please go to Appearance > Customize > Front Page Sections > Jumbotron > Background and simply ensure that there is a background image assigned there. The theme should default to that background image instead of the video using the gif.

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Good morning.
My problem is that I have an image, but it does not load on the site for some reason. I tried to take the image out and replace it with the original image and it still not showing up as it should.
Also the site has a black background and it is not showing. It started happening yesterday. And today I updated the theme and that did not solve the problem

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The image should load on mobile, you need to add the image to the background then use the video option to show the gif.

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I am not sure what you are talking about, but I just tested it on mobile and it works.
But I am not using gif, i am using jpg as my BG image. And it still does not work on the computer. I do not have a video to use.
And now after the update, my site looks a bit different on mobile.

please see

But I can not keep the gif for the web version and put a picture only for the mobile version?

Looks like the problem was in the directory. I do not know the details, but my developer was able to fix it

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Great, I am glad the issue was resolved.
Please feel free to contact us again in the future regarding any other issues.

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