Problem with homepage.

Hi there,

I wondered if you could help me. I am building my site and wondered if I can have the homepage with the sidebar attached? I have set the static home page but the sidebar with all the widgets disappears!

Is there anyway of having a static homepage with the sidebar? It doesn’t look right without the sidebar in my opinion and would be so helpful to my visitors.

If so, could you please explain how I do it. I am not that familar with wordpress. I read that you can to remove or rename front-page.php template from the theme. I would like to know how I do this without messing things up.

Kind regards,

I have renamed front-page.php (as suggested in previous posts in regards to the widget sidebar being present on a static homepage) but the widget sidebar is still not present…I renamed it to ‘old-page.php’

Any suggestions, am I doing anything wrong?

Please help.

Something doesn’t sound right. Please post your website URL for inspection because renaming this page template should have helped with it. If renaming to old-page.php didn’t help try to just remove it because it will not do any harm and you can always download it again from, Github or our website.