Problem with menu dropdown, cannot select sub menu item


I am experiencing issue with the menu items in that I cannot select a sub menu item.

When I hover over the top level it does not expand, if I click it briefly shows the sub menu items but goes to the top level menu item.

The site is running 4.7.2

I saw some doco on Easy Bootstrap plugins and I have tried it with the correct settings and enabled and disabled. I have disabled and removed all plugins and still does not work.

I was so frustrated I in fact reinstalled but no joy.

I suspect I am missing something very obvious, but can you point me in the right direction?


Ok turns out it must be something in my child theme I created. When I flick back to the the parent it all works!

I set up the child theme in preparation for custom css etc but currently not added anything. I will try and work out what I have done.


When I use the theme i see the css is from …/wp-content/themes/sparkling/style.css

if child theme is active the css is …/wp-content/themes/sparkling/inc/css/bootstrap.min.css

Do you know what has caused this issue nad more importantly how I rectify it?

Found it there was a typo in the functions.php reference to the parent theme.

Sorry for the confusion; its been a long day!

Awesome great to see you got that resolved.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!