Problem with page loading

While I load the page of my website. At first the writing appears but not with my css style for fonts (how can I change this?), Plus the real problem is that you see the original background photo of the illdy theme for half a second.

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  1. “At first the writing appears but not with my css style for fonts (how can I change this?)” - What do you mean in this?
  2. go ahead and change that default picture in theme customizer with the image you want to appear instead of default image, if you want nothing to appear just set a blank image instead
  1. I mean that as soon as I load the page, the initial font is the default font of the theme and then I load my inserted with an external plugin. Can I find a way to put my default font in the theme by changing the internal codes?
    My font is “Poppins”, but I don’t know which font is loaded before mine.

In “Theme typography” there is already my font.

  1. Ok, fine, it works.

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I checked your page and I can’t find the difference in the font as described.

Kindly have a look at the following screencast and let me know.

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Actually now it doesn’t do it anymore. Perhaps by fixing other things, this has also been fixed.

Thanks for your time anyway!

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