Problem with page products/ second jumbotron button

Hello, I had a problem since I removed woocommerce.

The page of the store that I would need now only from the product catalog, is gone.

I created a new one and on the menu it does not open anymore, not even with the button in the jumbotron section.

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You need Woocommerce to have store functionality so you will have to reinstall it.

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Meanwhile, thanks for the reply.

The problem is not having a store, I have a page that works as a showcase of products.
A page where I describe my products with a photo attached.

I created this page in the products section, but when I click on the preview or when I click on the menu this page does not appear but send me to the home page.



Shop page, products showcase are part of the Woocommerce, if you don’t have this plugin installed then you cant have products, install/activate it again and functionality should be restored

I think you misunderstood what I said.

I do not need a shop, I need a page with a gallery of my products.
This page that I called “products” does not open, it not opens with internal links. What problem can it be?

PS: first this page was the page of the store.

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In this case, you would have to use a page builder to make a page that contains the products, here are a few plugins to try:

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Hi thanks for the information, but I do not need a pagebuilder.

I need to know why my second button in the jumbotron section does not take me to the page link.
And why when I edit this particular page, and I try to look at the preview, it redirects me to the homepage.

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Could you please provide a link to the page so that I can inspect it?

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The problem is that if you try to open the page link, send me to the home page.


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The page has no content because the store page or the plugin may have been changed or deleted.
As stated before, in order to have the products, you need woo-commerce or create different pages for the products and use those instead.

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ok now I tried to delete the page and create a new page.
I edit, I try to write a test text and then I click preview to see if the page actually exists.

It doesn’t open, except my homepage.

ok I solved, I made a new page … and after a few minutes (about 20) I managed to see the page.
Now I have another problem.
I will open a new topic.
Thanks again for the help.

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!