problem with the product ribbon - too big! how can change the size?

good day to everyone!

i have this problem for the last 2 weeks. and it’s killing me. i have no idea how to fix this stupid thing!
the ribbon on the product is just tooooo big! when you go to a product page - the ribbon is huge!
this happened when i change the system language from English to Hebrew. this helps my site… but the ribbon went crazy. anyone have any idea how to fix this issue?

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Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Could you please provide a link to the page having this issue so that I can inspect it?

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Good day

thanks for your reply.
i have contact wordspress… and they told me to contact you guys :). problem with the theme.

here’s the link to our site: - you will be able to view this problem in every product page that you will visit. please let me know if there is any way to fix this problem???
i have this issue for the last 2-3 weeks. i cannot lunch our site like this.

shahar aharoni

Hello shahar

right now ribbons are normally on your site, can you make it so that we can see the problem?

Good day

Thanks for your reply.
No, the ribbons are not ok. on any product page, you could see the problem. I’m attaching here a photo that would show the problem. you should go inside the product page. not in a page category.

any idea how to fix?
I have this problem for weeks now :frowning:

thanks and have a great weekend!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please try disabling any third party plugins that were not bundled with the theme as one of them may be causing a conflict with the ribbon display.

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Good day to you all :slight_smile:

sorry to say, i did not understand how to disable any third party plugins?
where to go? which plugins? the theme plugins?

thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi there

GO to plugins menu of the wordpress and deactivate all plugins but leave only theme plugins and Woocommerce,
let me know if you still have the same problem

good day

thanks for your reply.
ok. I have done that! but nothing work! still, have the same problem.
again, i think this start when i change the language from English to Hebrew. please let me know if there is a way to fix that??? such a simple problem and im on it for the last 2-3 weeks! cannot move with my site because of this promotion line. and to get any help it’s just impossible.

I have done what you said… deactivated the plug-ins … but nothing changed :frowning:
i can’t believe how much time i spend on this stupid problem! just a big waste of time. please let me know what’s the issue. caused me a lot of problems!

waiting for your reply!


Good morning

thank you for trying this
Looks like we need to fix it by css, at this moment i can’t see this ribbon on the products anymore, is it removed or?
i tried about 8-9 products and ribbons are not there anymore,

Good day

i have a friend that some ELEMENTOR… he removed it for me.
and try to fix.

im sorry… but i do not like this system. you make a small change, and the whole site is down. really not a stable system.
so many issues and problems …

thanks for trying to help :).
have a great day. if ill need more help ill let you know. for now, we removed the ribbon. i really think you should check this bug.


HI Shahar

Sorry about all of this, yes, such things may happen but we are here to help you :slight_smile:
Let us know if you nee anything else, but in new ticket