Problem with the social icons


Since some time ago social icons are not displayed correctly, instead letters and numbers appear. I’ve regenerated thumbnails but it doesn’t work. I think it may be since I installed a plugin called Magic Action Box, is it possible?

Thanks for your great work. Regards,

Your website appears to be down. Are you sure that you posed the right URL?

My apologies,

Icon fot appears to load fine, however, I noticed that you have added a lot of code to your Child Theme style.css but you haven’t commented out comments from it.

So your CSS should look like this

/*To change sidebar width. */
#secondary {
	float: left;
	margin-left: 3.06%;
	width: 27.28%;

You see that To change sidebar width. is added between/* */ and this is how all comments should be commented out, so web browser wouldn’t attempt to interpret it as CSS styling.

From this line to the end are not part of the code. It was a point in case I want to modify. I also removed the code and I have still the problem.

I reinstalled the theme and now is working. Thanks for you time.