Problem with white bar/space on top of site

Hello. So as I mentioned before I have been using siteorigin page builder and I went to them with an issue I was having on my main page and now because I redesigned it and my books page, I am having difficulty to get rid of a white space on top. They took a look and said nothing to do with their plugin, but rather it is put in by my theme. So my site pages that I need help fixing is and Free Vegan and Spiritual Books by Michael Lanfield | Author and Advocate

As you can see there is a white space across the top of the pages is automatically there. I am not sure why this is happening. I tried checking with Chrome inspect and found nothing…

Also, when I click on Books page in the menu, the font changes to non-bold why and how to fix? It never happened before. Thank you.


Michael, Hope you are having a good day :slight_smile:
mm, sorry but where is the white space? can you show me it on the screenshot? maybe we are calling things differently?

Colorlib Support Team

I fixed it with this code in global css.

.main-navigation {
margin-bottom: -20px;

I am now having trouble with the Books page the menu text is different from the rest of the menu. Do you know why? Thank you. It wasn’t like that before until recently.

I can help you with that:

.main-navigation .menu li a span {
font-weight: 600;

thank you Noda. That did the trick.

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!