Problem with widgetized home page

Hi, I’ve set the Illdy theme, but also following video I can’t change the final section of every sections.
I can write on about section, but I can’t change “typography, design and development”… and so on in every sections.

I’ve seen the theme says me that “this theme is not widgetizable”…

Where is my fault?



Hello @danireef,

It seems to me that you cannot see the sections widgets.

Can you please go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and select Your Latest Posts as the Front page display?

This should fix the issue, let me know otherwise.


I’ve tried, but it’s as before.
It says “no widget area”

Hello @danireef,

Can you please include some screenshots of the issue?

Ideally, I would need temporary admin dashboard access to have a look for myself and live debug the issue, so if this is possible please sent it to me via a private message.

Sorry for the trouble.
Thank you