Problem with Yoast SEO

I just installed the Dazzling theme on my blog ( and I like it a lot.
I only have quite a strange and annoying problem.
I have been using the Yoas SEO plugin since I started building that blog and now with the Dazzling theme I cannot access the “articles” page anymore! If I click on articles I get an empty page. If I disable Yoast SEO everything works, but of course I cannot configure the SEO settings on the articles. The only way to write a new article (or modify an old one) is to change to another theme, write, publish and then move back to Dazzling. But it’s not the best way to work…
Any idea?
Thank you in advance!


Hey there,
I hope you’re doing well today

Kindly send a screenshot to your permalink setting.
General > Permalink
Kindly set this to post name if it isn’t set to this already.

Let me know.

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Hi, thanks for your fast and kind reply!
I attached you a screenshot of my permalink. I use date+article name.
I tried also to put just the article name but when I click on Articoli (edit.php) I get a blank page.
Thanks again!

And this is the Permalink page on my Yoast SEO configuration

Hello @slovley

We apologize for the late reply.
I’m on your website, exploring and things seem to work fine.
Are you still having issues and do you still need assistance?

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